The garden and pool

At the center of the expansive property, in a spectacular position to enjoy the sunsets, is a grand private garden with walking paths, terraces, a courtyard, and several seating areas. More than 100 species of plants are carefully maintained, scenting the area with lavender, thyme, rosemary, broom, and myrtle. Two ancient fig trees of more than 150 years begin to drop their ripened fruits in late August and guests are encouraged to freely enjoy. At other times of the year, the pomegranate, persimmon and lemon trees also provide delicious flavors for our guests. Two groves of ancient olive trees, more than 25 in total, that are of a common and special varietal to the region and valley produce several liters of oil each season which we stock for your free use in the apartments when available.

The pool rests in a reserved location on the property, the most panoramic with sweeping gazes over the olive-covered hills and peaceful Valle Umbra below. Uniquely large for a property of this size, the pool is a full 6 meters x 12 meters (18 feet by 36 feet) with comfortable depths ranging from 140 cm – 150 cm (55 inches or 4.6 feet to 59 inches or 4.9 feet). A large pergola covered by reeds and shaded with help from wisteria, roses and santolina leaves, provides comfortable lounging and seating a few feet behind the pool. Always sunny from morning to sunset, lounge chairs, deck chairs and umbrellas are available for your use. A new and modern jacuzzi was added in 2022 and a token for complimentary use is available with your booking. Additional tokens for extended uses may be purchased upon request. Complimentary pool towels are provided in your apartments and holiday homes.