Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

“We were enchanted by the light and the beauty of the place”

Living in Umbria, in Silvignano near Spoleto, was for Diana and Alberto a choice, a life project together.

Alberto, born in Milan, was a buyer in a multinational organisation. Diana, born in Naples worked in the sales and marketing departments of service companies.

"We travelled a lot," recalls Diana. “But a short trip to Umbria changed the course of our lives forever.”

One unforgettable day in the summer of 1993, during the Festival of the Two Worlds in Spoleto, Alberto took Diana to see the hideaway he  had bought before they met. It was part of a medieval “Villa”, a stronghold built to house a garrison of the ancient Vatican State whose task it was to patrol the forests around the great castle and town of Spoleto. In later years it had acquired a beautiful Renaissance Loggia with a breathtaking view over the Vale of Umbria.

Diana was spellbound by the light which seemed to imbue everything with a special beauty. And then there was this fascinating building. Some instinct prompted her to ask: “...and the rest of the house? Who owns it? Could it be bought and restored?”

Thus began their long, slow quest to buy the rest of the building, to restore it and to create several unique holiday homes.

Their passion for their project was infectious. Friends and former guests also decided to buy and restore pieces of the village.

"Here we live well, surrounded by beauty, close to the most beautiful villages and places of art in Umbria, immersed in a cosmopolitan culture", says Diana. Within a radius of just 12 kilometers there are many places to visit. In 20 minutes by car you can reach a good part of Umbrian art and culture.

On foot, from the historic home converted into a holiday home, you arrive on Monte Poreta or Passo della Spina and on the historic Via of Sain Francis which can be covered on foot or by bicycle.

The “villa” is an excellent base for walks, whether to Monte Poreta or Passo della Spina, or along the historic pilgrimage route, the Via di San Francesco, which runs from La Verna in Tuscany to Rome and can be covered by foot or bicycle.

The village of Silvignano is immersed in the vast "Assisi- Spoleto Olive Belt" , an Apennine piedmont landscape, considered by FAO: Agricultural heritageof world importance that counts 2,000 years of history.

A worldwide "living culural landscape"

“We have top-quality, unadulterated food, the best extra virgin olive oil and outstanding wines, above all Trebbiano Spoletino, Sagrantino and Montefalco Rosso, and also excellent ones from Orvieto, Lake Trasimeno and Todi. The Spoleto district is also well known for its black truffles and fine saffron.

These are the ingredients that we love, the foundation of our good life today.

“Come and try them when you can travel again. We are sure you will like them. "

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