Rafting – Rivers Nera and Corno and Marmore Falls

Rafting – Rivers Nera and Corno and Marmore Falls

Rafting is an exciting activity for everyone.
Particularly that practiced on the Rivers Nera and Corno does not require special training or skills to immediately tackle the rapids of the river safely.

The rafting inflatable boats are specially made to withstand the stresses of the river, reinforced and divided into independent air chambers.
Before embarking on the boat for the descent guides impart a short lesson to participants with instructions and key techniques necessary for the descent. The equipment is supplied.

It goes up on the boat and go down along the river. In every boat (maximum 7 people) there is a rafting guide that gives commands to the group, and through the paddles take the boat through the rapids.

During the descent, where the river allows it, you can make dips.
Finally we return to the base of the Rafting Center.

Especially exciting descent below the Marmore Waterfalls

Rafting centers:

Scheggino – Pangea http://www.pangea-italia.com/it
Biselli of Norcia – Rafting Umbria http://www.raftingumbria.it/
Marmore Falls http://www.raftingmarmore.com/

More information and details are available at Le Logge di Silvignano

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